My name is Eleanor Underwood. I have lived in Peterborough since 1988. Peterborough is a city rich in natural resources with our waters, parks, trails, and green spaces. Peterborough is also a kind, caring and a generous community. I would like the opportunity to represent the Citizens of Otonabee Ward 1 as a well-informed and thoughtful decision maker. Elect Underwood for Peterborough City Council this coming October 24th, 2022.

Fiscal responsibility is the basis for a well functioning city. We need to spend thoughtfully and without waste.


We need to plan with an “eye to the future” by identifying problems, and by implementing solutions in a timely and fiscally prudent manner. Taxpayer money needs to be used efficiently. We need to “count every penny” so we have the resources available to do what needs to be done.

The job of a City Councillor is to help plan for the benefit of the citizens and not to benefit themselves.

  • Do you know who you are voting for and what views they hold?

  • Do the people you vote for potentially have any conflicts of interest?

  • Do the people you vote for take into consideration that City expenditures affects the quality of your life?


The job of a City Councillor is also to keep citizens well informed. Do your presently elected councillors keep you well informed?

You have a right to know why, where, when and how money is being spent. It is your money. You should not have to file a Freedom of Information request to find out!


Fiscal responsibility starts with good planning and fiscal transparency.


I am committed to plan for a healthy and vibrant community by representing the views of Otonabee Ward 1. Please help me plan.

Can you think of “one thing” that is presently working well in Peterborough? Many people are unable to answer this question.


How do you feel about your City? What can I do for you? I would like to hear from you. You can contact me at 705-741-3780 or by email at You can also contact me on Facebook at Eleanor Underwood


If you vote for Underwood on October 24th, I will work hard for you.


Please help me help you by placing a sign on your lawn and/or donating.


Does the city prioritize spending money well?

  • Do you know we spent 26 million dollars on the Peterborough Roundabout at Parkhill Rd West and Brealey? It was over budget by 3 million?

  • Do you know we spent 53.5 million on the Bethune Street Project as of June 8, 2022? The initial cost was projected to be 33.9 million. It is now nearly 20 million dollars over budget.

  • Do you know the Louie Street Urban Park Project has cost 7.5 million as of May 2021? It still is not complete.

Of particular interest to Otonabee Ward constituents.

The proposed Arena and Aquatics Complex to be built at Morrow Park.

  • Do you know the proposed Arena and Aquatics Complex is to be built without any upper-level government funding?

  • Do you know the City will be borrowing over 90 million dollars not including loan interest, which would be in the millions? This will result in a significant tax increase.

  • Do you know the City has not even secured an outside independent legal opinion as to whether building on Morrow Park is even possible? The Morrow Trust explicitly states that the park is to be used for agricultural/industrial purposes.


The proposed Arena and Aquatics Complex project due to legal concerns, flood mitigation and necessary infrastructure changes could potentially cost us millions and millions. Peterborough needs a community facility that is fiscally and responsibly planned for.

City Council needs to spend mindful of both economic vitality and the health, safety, and well-being of all its citizens.

  • We need to address homelessness, inadequate and unaffordable housing and food insecurity.

  • We need to address climate change, transportation problems, roads, and waste management.

  • We need to address mental health and addiction issues which are concerningly high.

  • We need to address the high crime rate.

The City needs to not just spend money but prioritize where it is spent. A clean city with healthy citizens is a wonderful place to live.

  • Peterborough has great economic potential. We need to make the most of what we have. A revitalized downtown that it is safe and clean would be a good place to start.

  • A safe and clean downtown is where people want to live, entrepreneurs want to work, business will thrive and where companies want to become established. This would encourage tourists with their dollars.

  • Having more positive collaboration with county partners would help to create the space for revenue generating industry.

  • Also, a more efficient transportation “system” in and out of the city by bus, rail and air would be revenue generating.